Buy ARTIC BERRY X BLUE COOKIES choices disposable 2 in 1 carts online from the official choices carts website. They each have a capacity of over 300 puffs. Each 4 second activation produces about 3.5mg cannabis oil. Choices disposables THC ranges from 85%-93%. Buy choiceslab disposable carts online in choices carts twin pack and choices carts 2 in 1 pack.



Arctic Berry choices disposable carts is a cannabis strain developed by ArcticBlue Farms that is 60/40 indica-dominant. The pleasant and fruity fragrance of ripe blueberries hits you right away, thanks to DJ Short’s Blueberry and another Blueberry indica. Patients may turn to this strain for anxiety relief and pain relief.

Blue Cookies choices disposable carts is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of two celebrity strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry, also known as “Blue GSC” and “Blue Girl Scout Cookies.” Blue Cookies, as the offspring of these heavyweight champion strains, provides a crushing punch of bliss to the head, where it quickly seeps in to relax the entire body.

Sweet berry aromas mingle with earthy cherry notes in a flavor profile as intriguing as the bud’s thick layer of frosty resin, which spreads across twisting green and purple colours. Blue Cookies should be approached with caution by novice users, but its intensity is ideal for hard-to-please veterans.

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