Winter Breeze


THC 96%

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Buy Winter Breeze. Named for its very frigid flavor and shimmering appearance, Winter Green is certainly ideally suited for any sativa darling searching for an extraordinary taste and high. This bud has very perfect brilliant neon green fat nugs with clear orange hairs and a covering of cold minuscule white brilliant gem trichomes.

As you pull separated each tacky little chunk, hot sharp fragrances are delivered with a rich gritty hint and new organic products all through. The flavor is of fiery diesel and harsh citrus with a prominent sprinkle of PineSol. The Winter Breeze high is similarly as educational as the flavor, with stimulating impacts that are the most ideal for an early morning when you want to get a kick to get up and going. Buy Winter Breeze. You’ll feel euphoric and propelled with a light sluggish impact that recurring patterns in your sub-conscience as your center comes in and out. With these impacts and its high 15-23% normal THC level, Winter Green is regularly picked to treat those experiencing conditions, for example, disposition swings, sadness, a sleeping disorder, craving misfortune, and anorexia. Winter Breeze For Sale


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